Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2007

Annual Operating Budget

Title Page

GFOA Budget Award

Guide To Using The Budget


Vision Statement / Mission Statement / Statement of Values

Goals and Initiatives

Town of Cary Organizational Chart

Council / Boards & Commissions / Appointed & Administrative Positions

Responsibilities of Town Government By Department

Government Functions Expressed as Cents of a Tax Dollar

Budget Message

Changes to Proposed Operating Budget

Budget Ordinance

Budget Process and Schedule

Financial Summaries

Summary of Operating and Capital Budgets

Summary Revenue and Expenditure Graphs - All Funds

Budget Overview - All Funds

Changes in Fund Balance - All Funds

Assessed Value and Tax Rate Graph

Adopted Rates and Graph

Debt Service Requirements

Key Facts / Statistics

History and Map of Cary

Miscellaneous Statistics

Departmental Budget Detail

General Fund

Revenue and Expenditures Per Capita

Revenue and Expenditure Graphs

General Fund Revenue Sources and Trends

General Fund Summary

Narrative & Expenditures by Department/Division

Utility Fund

Revenue and Expenses Per Capita

Revenue and Expenses Graphs

Utility Fund Revenue Sources and Trends

Utility Fund Summary

Narratives & Expenditures by Department/Division:

Other Funds

Fleet Management Fund

Transit Fund

Community Development Block Grant Fund Summary

Economic Development Strategic Fund

911 Fund

Police Separation Allowance Fund

Health and Dental Fund

Self-Insurance Funds

Capital Improvements Budget and Plan


Utility Capital Reserve Summary

Utility Capital Funding Sources / Expenditure Graphs

General Capital Reserve Summary

General Capital Funding Sources / Expenditure Graphs

Cumulative Impacts of FY 2011 - FY 2021 Capital Improvements Budget/Plan Projects On the Operating Budget

Capital Project Status Update - Active Projects

Projects Closed or Pending Closure

Ten-Year Plan


Town of Cary Budget Policies

Fund Structure / Basis of Budgeting

Sample of Departmental Line Accounts

Account Structure

Staffing History

Definitions of Expenditure Accounts

Explanation of Acronyms


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